Dominic Fusco Studios:
Dominic Fusco, residing and operating in Charleston, SC is the founder of Dominic Fusco Studios. This unique boutique firm specializes in both Custom Wall Finishes and Interior Decor.
Before opening his Wall Finishing Company in the late nineteen nineties Dominic spent 10 years working in the Garment District in Manhattan, NY as a Colorist/Textile Designer where he honed his talent resulting with a strong impeccable sense of color.
With his love of and passion for Interiors and having the opportunity to work with Designers and Architects who are the top of their field, it was a natural progression that Dominic opened his subsidiary division in Interiors in 2005.
With a vast knowledge and experience with color, textiles and design Dominic not only has the confidence of his clients but is also an asset to Interior Designers and Architects who are looking for well executed unique Custom Wall Finishes.

Interior Design Division:
DFS designs visually stimulating tailored interiors from serene to dramatic by incorporating clean lines with a mix of furnishings from different eras and style to create a modernist aesthetic.
 We believe Interiors should be well balanced and they are achieved by using properly scaled furnishings with an appropriate functional layout, creating the unexpected, where editing is the key.
 We strive to edit each space so it is never too little or too much. Our Interiors are never highly over decorated and most of all never too fussy.

DFS overall goal is for our interiors to be a reflection of our clients with the DFS aesthetic.

Custom Wall Finishing Division:
Dominic Fusco Studios, a leader in the high-end wall finishing industry, has been offering highly creative unique wall finishes to his clients and the Trade since the late 1990’s.
This high-end studio uses a variety of paints, plaster and glazes that are the top of the field that are eco-friendly.
All our designs can be customized in any color way or we can be retained to create a custom design that is unique to your specific design project.
In 2012, DFS was fortunate to be invited to participate in Architectural Digest Home Show in which we introduced our Custom Wall Finishing Panel System.
Our firm is set apart by our commitment of creativity, reliability and exceptional client services.
Not only do we work with clients with discriminating taste, we are also recognized by some of the most prominent Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors in the field of design.

DF Systems - Modular Panel Custom Wall Finishing System
In April of 2012 Dominic Fusco Studios introduced a modular panel custom wall finishing system at the Architectural Digest Home Show. This panel system consists of hand applied Plaster Finishes applied to  MDF panels.
Panels can be used as an “accent wall” or a complete room installation installed around windows and doors.
Finishes are endless. Choose from a series of designs that can be customized in any color way or we can be retained for a custom design that is unique to your specific design project.
All work is done in our studio and shipped directly to the client.
For more complex installations - our team of carpenters will take measurements, cut and pre-hang the panels that are sent back to our studio where the finish is hand applied and installed by our team upon completion.
These panels can have as little as a 3/8” reveal at the top and bottom for a clean contemporary/modern installation or a crown and or base moldings can be added as well.
Advantages of Panel System versus direct Decorative Finish application to walls:
* Great alternative that is less intrusive then applying decorative finish directly to the walls at a client’s home for the finish is applied “in house”.
* Great for contract work – on a tight schedule managing other trade workers schedules? Decorative finish is applied “in house”, not on the job site.
* Great alternative for clients that live in apartments or condos where plaster finishes are restricted.
* The seams form a grid pattern that adds another dimension and interest to walls versus a decorative seamless finish applied directly to the walls.
* Decorative trims such as metal finishes, wood trim (stained or painted) can be applied between grids for added interest.
Installations are Endless such as:
* Residential – “accent wall”, entire room installation, fireplace surround
* Retail Hospitality, Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs, Casinos
* Corporate
* Entertainment - Backdrop for Film, TV Studios
* Runway Shows
* Designer Show House